Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adventures in Spain: Road Trip Through Navarra

After our evening tapas crawl in Madrid, the next morning we set off on our journey to the region of Navarra.  After four hours of driving through rather quiet scenery, we arrived at the picturesque Bardenas Reales, a desert-like natural park of plateaus formed by erosion over millions of years. 

We continued on to the historic town of Olite.  It was a very charming town housing the Royal Palace of Olite, previously home to the court of the King of Navarra during the Middle Ages.

Quiet streets of Olite

 Royal Palace of Olite

That day it so happened that there was a special youth federation event – we got to witness a mini “running of the bulls” with the young boys of Olite running with small bulls through the streets of Olite.  It was a nice treat for us since we wouldn’t be sticking around Pamplona for the real running of the bulls the following week.  

Don't try this at home

Here they come! 

For dinner we had reservations at Casa Zanito, one of the most well-known restaurants in Olite and all of Navarra.  It was a delicious introduction to Navarrese cuisine and gave us a preview of what to expect for the remaining days of our trip.  

Mushrooms topped with an egg

 Lettuce hearts with smoked salmon and guacamole

Duck confit


Creme brulee ice cream in an almond cookie

 Brownie with mango sorbet

The following day after a winery tour and tasting, we headed to the town of Vera de Bidasoa and had another spectacular meal at the hotel restaurant, Lenkonea.  

Fish cakes

Jamon Iberico

 Crispy eggplant with a honey sauce

Massive legs of lamb

 Molten chocolate cake

From our first four days in Spain, Piggie Hubby and I both agreed:  we love Spain and all the food it has to offer!  Next post, we'll be sharing our experience visiting two of the wineries in Navarra. 
Casa Zanito
Rua Mayor, 16
31390, Olite, Spain
948 740 002

Plaza de los Fueros
31780, Vera de Bidasoa, Spain


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