Monday, May 23, 2011

Patron Secret Dining Society: NYC Secrets Revealed

Last week, Piggie Hubby and I had the pleasure of enjoying a cocktail hour and 4-course dinner prepared by Chef Marcus Samuelsson along with Patron cocktail pairings by Mixologist Tomas Delos Reyes.  At no cost to us yipppeeeee!
It all started with a Patron Liqueur Double Dark Chocolate Mini-Bundt Cake.  A while ago my husband got this delicious chocolate tequila cake in the mail for his birthday, compliments of Patron. 

One bundt cake later, I signed up to be a member of the Patron Social Club so that I too could get this delicious treat sent to me in the mail.  Fast forward seven or eight months to current day – we received an email from Patron Social Club saying they were hosting one of their “Patron Secret Dining Society Dinners” in New York City!  To give you some background, these dinners only happen once every few months and in various cities across the country (i.e. Las Vegas, Newport, Charlotte, Miami).  You must be a member of Patron Social Club to be eligible to win a coveted seat to dinner.  So when this email came around, I figured I wouldn’t bother because we had just gone to the James Beard Awards last week (still can’t believe it), and I wasn’t going to push my luck any further.  My husband ended up entering and told me to submit an entry as well.
I was convinced that it was highly unlikely that either of us would get seats to dinner.  Don’t ask me how or why, but for some reason, someone out there really wants to feed me magnificent meals (and I don’t mind at all).  I won a seat to dinner for myself and a guest (my husband didn’t get the winning email, but got to ride my lucky streak with me as my guest).

Patron stayed true to their word and was very secretive about the dinner – they did not reveal the location until the day of the dinner.  We were to meet at a specified time and location, and upon arrival, text “Patron” to the number they provided for further directions.  I have to hand it to them for pulling off the cool factor.  We stood waiting for the text when suddenly across the street we saw the “Patron Secret Dining Society” emblem emblazoned on the side of the Ukrainian Institute.  Awesome. 
After that, the rest of the night was indescribable (quite possibly because of all that Patron…).  We were greeted with the first cocktail of the evening, hors d’oeuvres, and a marvelous jazz band that was doing covers to hit songs (think Cee Lo, Maroon 5, Journey).

The dinner looked to be about 50 people (25 winners plus guests, out of 1500 who entered).  Highlights of the evening:

1)  Every single dish we ate and every single cocktail we drank.  Absolutely divine, I was in a very happy place.  My compliments to the chef, and as for the cocktails, Patron and Mixologist Tomas really changed my entire perspective of tequila (now I realize tequila isn’t just for shots hah).  All of the cocktails were so tasty and refreshing and paired perfectly with Marcus’ dishes. 

2)  Getting to see Marcus and Tomas in the flesh as they came out to explain each course and then getting to chat with them afterwards!

3)  The band.  They were amazing!

4)  The company – we had an awesome table =). 

5)  Patron staff – kudos for planning an incredible event, we had such a great time!

I have to say I was a little confused as to how these dinners help bring in customers for Patron, but after this event, I’m totally sold.  They really put together the perfect social experience, and it truly exemplified their image and brand.  Plus, now I know there’s more to tequila than just shots, who would’ve thought?   

I see the light!  Or rather, the Patron Secret Dining Society Sign

Shuffling into the dining room

Cured Salmon

Claudia: Patron Reposado, Beet Juice, Lime

Marcus & Tomas giving us the breakdown

Best bacon & eggs I've ever had

Paloma: Patron Reposado, Grapefruit, Salt & Lime, Lemon-Lime Soda

Grilled Lamb Saddle

Too much tequila = menu catches on fire (note I was not at the table when this happened)

Sweet Jane: Patron XO Cafe, Blended Tea, Lemon

Black & White Mud Cake

The secret sign

Tomas doing us a solid and mixing some extra cocktails for us

nom nom nom


Einat said...

This all sounds so incredible! You are too lucky!!

piggie diaries said...

I know!!! May has been a good month!

Anonymous said...

Wow, That sounds incredible.....
My wife entered and won a seat at the coveted event in Austin, TX for June 9th.....
She was informed by a phone call... The person said she won a seat at the dinner but due to unforseen events it had to be cancelled! She will get a custom set of bar tools and glassware instead... :(

Great for you.. :)
Good for us... :[

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