Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adventures in Spain: San Sebastian and Pamplona

We promise this is the last of our Spain posts (until our next trip).  We’ve dragged on our trip to Spain for more than a month now and almost considered not posting the last entry, but we couldn’t bear to skip over our final glorious days in the Basque region!

I’m going to keep this brief because the photos will speak for themselves.  We spent one day in the beautiful beach town of San Sebastian, known to have the best pintxos (that’s what they call tapas in the Basque region) and most Michelin star restaurants per capita in the world.  Heavy rain that day prevented us from wandering the beach; however, we happily occupied our time exploring the pintxos bars of San Sebastian.  

Yay we have arrived at San Sebastian!...but booo it's raining!

A Fuego Negro - Lumagorri pate, sourfoam, and corn

A Fuego Negro - Cod with pepper pips

A Fuego Negro - Cheese with tongue and polenta

A Fuego Negro - Mini Kobe beef burger

 This pretty much sums up the entire trip

Our final stop was in Pamplona, the capital of Navarra and best known for the annual running of the bulls at the San Fermin Festival.  We didn’t stick around Pamplona long enough to catch the running of the bulls (I’d prefer to stay far away from the half ton sized bulls) but did get a chance to walk the route of the bulls and those brave souls that run with them.  You can probably guess what we did the rest of the time – pintxos crawl (Bar Gaucho was hands down our absolute favorite) and then an unforgettable dinner at Europa, known as one of the best restaurants in Pamplona.

View of Pamplona through our hotel room window

 Town Hall - this is were the opening ceremony of the Running of the Bulls takes place

Another beautiful view of Pamplona

Running of the Bulls statue

Entrance to the bullring

 The teddy bears are ready for San Fermin!

Bar Gaucho - Raw oyster, egg, and caviar

 Bar Gaucho - Roquefort cheese and crispy jamon

Bar Gaucho - Mouthwatering foie

Bar Gaucho - Gaucho "lasagna"

Europa - croquette and vichyssoise

Europa - Beans of Navarra cooked with vegetables, so delicious and comforting

Europa - Grilled piquillo peppers drizzled with olive oil

Europa - Tender, juicy, braised veal 
Europa - Suckling pig confit

 Europa - A different take on creme brulee with more of a soupy consistency

Europa - Brioche french toast soaked to a custard like consistency, absolutely divine

Europa - after dinner cookies

This was a trip to remember and there is no doubt we will be back to Spain very soon!

A Fuego Negro
C/ 31 de Agosto / Abuztuaren 31-KO Kalea, 31
20003 San Sebastián, Spain
650 135 373

Bar Gaucho
C/ Espoz y Mina 7
31002 Pamplona, Spain
948 225 073

C/ Espoz y Mina 11
31002 Pamplona, Spain
948 221 800


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