Friday, March 25, 2011

Fuji Bakery: Best Chinese Pineapple Custard Buns

Ever since my parents brought home Chinese pineapple buns when I was little, or “bolo bao", I’ve been hooked.  Years later, I discovered the pineapple buns filled with custard filling – those have become my absolute favorite.  I tried to make them a few weeks ago (check out my version here), but from now on, I’m going straight to the professionals.
And by professionals, I mean Fuji Bakery.  Before, I used to go to one of my favorite Chinatown bakeries to get my pineapple custard bun fix, but then one day, my husband came home with this large, football shaped pineapple bun abundant with custard filling – see for yourself:

 I want one.  Now.

 Look at all that filling!

Fuji Bakery is this unassuming shop in midtown that also happens to have cheap good Chinese food as well...but we must focus on the buns.   This is why I will no longer go to any other Chinese bakery for my pineapple custard buns – for a mere 80 cents, you get:

1) A huge bun!  Just look at it!

2) Crispy sweet topping spread evenly on the bun – one of my pet peeves is when the bakery skimps on crispy topping and the margins of the bun aren’t covered.  I’m all about even distribution and balance. 

3) Generous custard filling – almost every bite has custard filling!  I swear, this bun weighs a pound because of all that filling they put in there.  The other bakeries I used to go to were hit or miss with this.  

All of you out there who share the same love for pineapple custard buns as me – you will not be disappointed with Fuji Bakery.  If you try them and think you’ve had better, let me know where you went!   Until then, it’s only Fuji Bakery for me.   

Fuji Bakery
224 West 35th St (between 7th and 8th)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 629-7588


kim said...

That's my childhood snack. :)

What's your favorite filling (or none whatsoever)?

I still prefer red beans over custard. Coconut isn't so bad, too.

piggie diaries said...

Me too, brings back good memories =). Red bean is pretty good (my mom's fave!), but I'm def a custard bun girl through and through.

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