Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Hell's Kitchen Addition: Mooncake Foods

I tried Mooncake Foods for the first time with my husband months ago at their 30th street location and was a fan right away, so when I heard Mooncake was opening up a new location in my hood, I was very excited.  Mooncake is all about doing home-cooked Asian food (with some added Spanish flare) that’s full of flavor but holds back on the grease.  Their slogan says it all: “Fun Casual Asian Comfort Food.”

My sister was around for a couple days so I decided to use this dinner date as an opportunity to stake out the new Mooncake.  It’s a much smaller location with only 15-20 seats max, but despite the limited seating, there was no wait for our Wednesday evening dinner (guess people haven't discovered this little gem yet).

Here’s what we ordered:

Short Ribs Shanghai Home-Style, "FINGER and BONE LICKEN" grilled short ribs with sweet chili sauce. Yes, they wrote “FINGER and BONE LICKEN” on their own menu, and based on my experience eating them, that’s exactly what these short ribs were.  I did indeed want to lick my fingers and the bones, but I get a bit self-conscious doing that in restaurants, so I took half to go and finished the rest in the privacy of my own home hahah.  The sauce was a nice combination of sweet and savory with a slight kick, and the short ribs were nice and tender.    

Sliced Steak with Cilantro & Ginger Chimichurri, Sliced hanger steak with our home-made chinese kickass chimichurri.  Chinese chimichurri?  This I gotta try.  The chimichurri sauce was pretty tasty and the ginger gave it that “Chinese” touch.  The steak was nicely cooked and not too chewy.    

Service: Service was good, a bit slow on the water refills, but other than that, no complaints.  My sister is allergic to gluten, so the waitress asked the chef which dishes were gluten-free since she was unsure herself.

Ambience: This isn’t the kind of restaurant you go to for the cool scene.  It’s all about the food!  I did notice they decided to dim the lights once 8pm hit, good effort. 

Score: 4 out of 5 piggies.  The food is delicious and most dishes are under $10!  How can you argue with that? 

Mooncake Foods
359 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 262-9888


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